Jake Owen took to social media to share with fans that he is celebrating ‘316 days sober.’

Owen said on Instagram: “317 days ago I embarrassed myself after drinking too much alcohol one night. It wasn’t the first time either. The next day I told myself, ‘never again.’ I am better than that, and the people I love the most deserve better. My family, my little girls, and my friends. Just wanted to share my journey in case anyone woke up this morning and wants to make a change. None of us are perfect… I’m just trying to be the best version of myself these days.”

The post comes just one day after Owen shared another uplifting video message with fans on social media, writing:  “What I’m trying to tell you guys this morning is, is that somebody out there loves you. And I know you love someone, too. And I’m a little sentimental and emotional this morning.”  Owen said he was emotional as his daughter Pearl is preparing to leave for the summer and then head back to school…“My little girl, Pearl, is about to leave for the summer (and) go back to school, and I just want you all to know how much I love you, how much I appreciate you. … Call someone today. Tell them you love them. Everybody deserves to hear from someone how much they’re loved and appreciated. And I appreciate you guys and I love you, and I’m very grateful for this life I get to live thanks to all of y’all. … Be kind to people, tell them you love them, and it’s summertime, baby, get out there in the sunshine.”

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